Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New 'do part deux.

First off,  loving my HTC Droid Eris! Android apps ROCK! Though last night I was having a one-on-one with the Blogaway app. Very easy to use/post from the phone. You can even attach images. Cool, eh? This is where Blogaway and I had our differences.  Grrr. Lucky I got anything on here!

SO.... the hair is still at my shoulders, but quite a bit short for my normal. I did have it curled in that picture.  I was going to upload a shaggy yet slightly curly, from what hasn't grown out and now been cut off, of my wave-only perm from months ago.  Uploaded that second picture and Blogaway yells at me it has to close. Dang. So I type up a quick description again and try to upload the first picture, AGAIN, when Blogaway yells at me the second time- It has an error, please close. No draft saved-DANG. So third time, I uploaded pic first with quick description and SENT it before it disappeared like a fart in the wind of the previous two attempts!  Technology can be so cool, but frustrating at the same time.

Speaking of part TWO- Here's a shot of Mr. FixIt with the Grizzly Adams/Abe Lincoln effect reduced.
The beard is back to normal.  :-D  He trimmed enough off you can see his face shape now. Woohoo!!

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