Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look UP!

Look up in the sky and what do I see??

A golden bright sunshine glowing down on me!!

YAY!!  That completes the poetry moment- enjoy the little couplet that fell out of my brain. :-D 

And truthfully someone probably has said that or sung it and that's why it spewed out of my fingers so easily, heh.    Was a beautiful day despite the clouds intermittently hiding that shiny sun today, with the kids doing well and having a great time at their dance competition.  Not too much of a drive either, and sharing the ride makes the trip so much more fun!!  --apologies to the white Toyota, witness to whacko funny lady with a hair clip up her nose and the trucker who saw the front end of my truck bouncing to 'Topsy Turvy!' being sung with GUSTO, yeah, that's what we'll call it--   AnyWHO- fun trip, great day, and happy, tired kids!  WHEEEEE!!!  Granted there would've been much more joy if the awards ceremony hadn't taken nearly 12 hours, but that's just the opinion of a mom who sat in the saaaaaame chair alllllllllll day long.    
May looks up to be purty busy: wrapping up school lessons and hours, last weeks of dance classes, dance competitions and getting this house in order by way of an INTENSE spring cleaning.  It may be another month before I blog! ha! 

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