Thursday, January 7, 2010

Droid-oh yes, I want one!

Mr. FixIt upgraded his cell phone last month and got the very cool Motorola Droid. I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Loving all things Apple and craving an iPhone but despising AT&T's lack of coverage- an iPhone has been a far-fetched dream.  Sigh. Until now- Android OS and functionality of the Droid rivals iPhone- finally!! I really like the Droid, but I'm not crazy about the slide out keyboard or the heft of this gadget. I currently have a Samsung touchscreen phone and love it! So a new touchscreen phone that doesn't run on WinDoze or require At&T-  I'm IN!!  Cool apps of the Android phones are a big seller- games, goofy sounds, music, handy gadgets such as the barcode scanner. Seriously, use the phone's camera to scan any barcode and you will see the price of that item in different stores and where to purchase. Nifty, eh?!  Another one- Keychain. All those store and club cards hanging on your keys?? Scan them and store in the phone- hold up your phone to scan at the store = less junk to hang on your keys!!  Fun apps including sirens, movie sound bites, animals, and Mr. FixIt's favorite- the Fart Noise app. Twenty+ different disgusting fart sounds including a timer so you can play tricks on your children/coworkers/relatives. Monster Man also loves this goofy app- go figure. Another favorite, the gun apps. Chose your weapon, realistic click/cocking/bolt slide sounds and FIRE!  Mr. FixIt does that when one of us is driving him crazy...he just opens fire with his phone. hehe.

Ironically my phone has worked flawlessly for over a year until the past week when Verizon started sending me, 'upgrade early' info. Darn they are tempting me!  Of course we came from Alltel and as long as I have an Alltel phone, Verizon has to keep our billing the same as before. Upgrade to Verizon phone, voila! Get Verizon billing. Really it's not a big change, pricing is figured differently though ends up the same $$. The difference is we will lose 5 of our Friends & Family numbers...unless we up to a larger plan. Well the budget isn't allowing me for a larger plan right now, so 5 people are gonna get called a lot less around here! :-D

Where was I?? Oh, sorry brain wandered off...  so an Android phone is in my future, but not wanting a Moto Droid...I've fallen in love with the HTC Droid Eris. More slim, lighter, has a trackball, and dedicated call/hang up buttons.  The Eris has an older Android version, but still works pretty much the same as the Moto Droid.  Both have 5 mp camera, though Eris doesn't have a flash. Eris is $100 cheaper- $99 at Verizon online and $49 at Best Buy. Cool deal- though Best Buy can't authorize the early upgrade Verizon offers- DARN!  So I'll have to wait until price goes down to get this nifty phone.

THEN- Google throws me a curve ball with their Nexus One phone.OOOOHhhh, AAAAAhhhhh.
Only available at the moment with T-Mobile, but coming this spring to Verizon. An Android phone, with guts made by HTC and sold by Google.  Similar to the Eris in looks with upgraded OS, a flash and still has that trackball I love on the Eris. Larger screen to match the Moto Droid.  Much longer battery life. Price yet to be determined for Verizon.  I guess I'll have to wait until my phone totally kicks the bucket... and hope it's not until Spring and cross my fingers Verizon has a killer deal on the Nexus One. If not, I'll be happy with an Eris.  Ohhh- Android phone here I come!!

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