Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

Thanks to Whispering Writer for Airing her Dirty Laundry...

It's OK Tuesday again...so in keeping with the new Tuesday idea,

It's OK...

That I am seriously craving brownie batter right now.    -- I will not mix any! I will NOT mix any!

That my child was running around outside in her PJs at 10 am playing with the dogs.  At least she had SOME sort of clothing on, unlike her brother aka The Superhero Streaker.

That the Pit is still a scary place as I can only work on it 15 minutes at a time (FLYlady style). That's all it's going to get.   -I watched Hoarders last night. Made me feel MUCH better about that one room!! AACK!! GAG! SCARY!!

My dogs have fleas...yes, even on their knees.

I get seriously pissed off when people fly down my street at 2x the posted speed!! Do I drive like a maniac down theirs??

I told my son to 'shut UP!!'  yesterday.  It was that or take his head off with an Uzi. He lived. I have mentioned that he's a 'learn the hard way' kind of kid, right??

I don't feel bad about my husband taking responsibility for his problems/actions without my help.  I won't make it difficult for him to take care or deal with, but will I make it any easier and/or do the legwork/extra effort/continue it on?? I think not. 

Auntie Flo is gearing up to take me a few rounds (see brownie batter & son above) & I'm going to take a nap to prepare.

That I don't feel bad about working on making some changes in my life.  As the song says, ' Every new beginning is some other beginning's end,' - yeah something like that.

 *** Want to join in the  It's OK Tuesday fun??  Come on, you know you want to.... :-D ***

I've considered joining in Wordless Wednesday also. Let's see if tomorrow I remember to post a pic...
just don't hold your breath!

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