Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's OK Tuesday!

While trying to figure out what portion of my muddled brain to dish out on this here blog today, I came across this post over at Airing My Dirty Laundry...   and her "It's Ok Tuesday" post. GREAT IDEA!!
She here goes- some random things that I've come to terms as being 'ok' ....either that or I'm just too tired of fighting them anymore.

It's OK...
-that my poor pathetic garden was put in late. Hopefully I'll have some tomatoes and beans before frost. If not it was a whole $4 in seeds. 
- that my house wasn't totally clean when the nieces arrived. I worked at it while they visited and I don't think they even noticed.
-that my kids hate me some days- raising un-bratty kids means NOT being their FRIEND!
-that I don't have a new car.  I don't NEED one, and Mr. FixIt with ZERO dollars needs to quit talking about one!!! 
            (is it ok to have a new Mr. FixIt??)
-that I take my time in the morning with my java and my Macbk on the swing.  We all need some time for ourselves, right?

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