Monday, December 6, 2010

What a week!

Is it possible to have the worst possible day(s) and the best possible days in the same week?? I do believe I've experienced it!   More details later, but I am feeling human again!  My house is still a long way from how I prefer it, but it's definitely improving from the what had become the  'norm' of the past 10-18 months.  Ack. 

The snow is coming down and temps are frigid, but that isn't even bothering me as much. Kids have played in the snow between lessons, in the early stages of snowball forts,  and the dogs are running around chasing, diving in the little snow we have thus far,  having as much fun as the kids.  One week to our dance studio Christmas party/show and I think I'm finally starting to feel like Christmas!! Woohoo!!

Some of the errands on today's agenda- finish packing 1700+ Box Tops that Mr. F helped me bundle Saturday evening, getting another round of laundry done, work on a few bills, get another pile of the Pit sorted/thrown out, and hopefully get a few things listed on eBay.  First duty is to go cuss at the elliptical for  awhile... oh joy!!

I know Mondays can seriously suck, but hope yours has started a nicely as mine did. :-D

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  1. Good luck with all those errands...and the dreaded elliptical.


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