Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July NaBloPoMo

Food, food, food!! How many post ideas can this topic generate?? Bazillion is my latest fav number word so I'll use that. A bazillion different foods I can discuss, easy recipes I can share with you, junky foods that I don't buy so I won't eat them, a landslide of foods that my kids wouldn't touch if you laced them with a million bucks, and on and on!! Wow! Endless blog potential...and I only need 31! Woohoo!! This should be E A S Y!

Whoa. Hold that thought. Food?? I only have to look at food and the calories and carbs morph instantaneously to my butt...what will happen writing about it?? Every day. For a month. Oh man.

Maybe I should rethink this...


  1. I had the best time blogging when I participated in the Nov. NaBloMo. Then when it was over UI went into slacker mode. I need to do it, daily, again.

  2. I tried it in April and again in May, though I kind fell off the wagon in May, but I did have fun trying! I did the same thing after, since I didn't "have to" I seriously slacked!! :-D

    Jump on this month Cece!! You make so many seriously yummy foods!


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