Thursday, July 17, 2008

Food goofs

Goofs, screw ups or just plain stupidity...whatever you call it, I had three of these incidents today.

* I poured my new favorite coffee creamer, Tiramisu, into my Special K Chocolaty Delight. I should have given up right then and gone back to bed.

* In trying to suddenly say something, to the fussing kids, I inhaled half of a half-chewed fish stick into my lungs. Aspirating pre-fried, frozen then toaster oven heated seafood product BURNS in the airway. I hacked a chunk up, but the rest of it apparently stuck to my pipes where they continued to burn and make me kick myself for another hour.

* While making dinner, I was talking to one of my sisters on the phone and Mr. FixIt came through and said loudly, jokingly, "Don't you make her burn my dinner!" We laughed.
Well, I didn't burn it. I almost ruined it. Chicken and kielbasa were on the grill. Green beans steaming in the microwave. Water was boiling for my rice, already seasoned with chicken soup base and other seasonings including teriyaki sauce splashed in for that darkening and deep flavor. I grabbed the container of rice to pour in and started stirring and realized it's growing and "poufing" and thickening like crazy. Holy shit, I put instant potatoes in there! DAMN Sam! Well, I had to put a good bit of milk in there to try and compensate for the chicken soup flavor which of course has good bit of salt...sooo they were only a tad salty, but very flavorful potatoes. Took a bit of doctoring, but I guess that was the only food mistake today that I was able to salvage, but it was the one that ticked me off the most.

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  1. Oh no! I hate when I do stuff like that. Thankfully Mister does 94% of the cooking. 1% I'll do & the remaining 2% we'll eat out on the weekend! lol


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