Thursday, July 10, 2008

Uncle Bob's

One of my favorite restaurants is a breakfast place. One you've probably seen. If you live in Ohio or surrounding states, I'm sure you've been there at least once if not 100 times. Even though this place is my favorite, right in line with a good Japanese steakhouse, we usually don't go "out" for breakfast because I have to eat first thing in the morning. Within 10 minutes of waking up or my stomach plays evil war games with my intestines for the remainder of the day, and sometimes they drag the torture to the next. When we do make plans for a breakfast out (after I've had a granola bar or half a pop tart to calm my beastly gastrointestinal system) my A#1 favorite place of all time is Uncle Bob's. Yes, "down on the farm" Bob Evans, though we've called it Uncle Bob's for years. Whatever you call it- I say YUM! I usually stick to my "regular" country biscuit breakfast (without the hashbrowns, I can't eat all that), the strawberry banana stacked and stuffed hotcakes are like dessert for breakfast!! LOVE those! Truthfully though I can't eat all that either, I usually split an order with Monster Man or Mr. FixIt will help. Uncle Bob's is one reason I was glad to move back to o-HI-o, they are plentiful here because of their start in SE Ohio..woohooo!! For years, I was seriously Uncle Bob deprived in SC. They just didn't have any. One was landed in SC a year before we moved but it was a 2-hour drive away...bummer. They have IHOP all over down south which is ok, but is more like IHOPE not compared to Bob's place!

Ok for my mother...they do have really great salads. Yes, I like salad -as long as it has good "stuff" on it. Oh not like cheese, I can skip the cheese, but stuff like eggs, ham, bacon, lots of maters, cukes, more eggs and grilled chicken with good ranch dressing. Yeah. that's a salad. (My mom just choked on her Splenda tea somewhere.)

No real point to this post I guess. I just like an amazing breakfast and it has to be to get me out of the house to go get it!! I won't risk War of the GI system for anything else!

Normal days I eat cereal or oatmeal, sometimes French toast. Normal breakfast-type material. Oh,don't forget the half pot of coffee and too much creamer. I can't do the cold pizza or chips or left overs like Mr. FixIt can or cookies and straight up Hershey bars that my sister does more often than not. I love chocolate, but I can't do that shit that early!

What do you eat for breakfast??


  1. You know I'm with Mr. Fixit on the cold pizza for breakfast. Not a big cereal fan here, so my typical breakfast is usually a cheese stick, pretzels, and a banana. I'm seriously jealous of your closeness to Uncle Bob's...guess we're even with mine to Sonic! :)

  2.'s breakfast included a banana a green beans sauteed in butter, cracked pepper and sea salt! Washed down with sweet tea with lemon!


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