Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Watch your kids!

This post has two parts, both relating to food, just bear with me at first.

If you know me IRL or have visited myspace page, you know I have snakes. I started keeping snakes originally as classroom pets when I was teaching. The details about the snakes will have to be another post for another day. Anyway, almost 10 years later, I still have my first snake, a corn snake, Cornelius aka Corny, now almost 6 feet long, and B has a young ball python, just under 2 feet. They are due to eat this week so after I dropped B off at dance, Monster Man and I headed for the small family owned pet and reptile shop to get snake food. (yes, it's mice and rats if you have to know). That's part one of the food post.

Part two: In the pet shop, they have a big sign written on bright yellow paper and bold letters just inside the door that always cracks me up. I know it has circulated in email for a while, but I love it no matter how many times I see it:

"Unattended children
will be given a large cappuccino
and a free kitten."

Seeing that sign makes me giggle like an idiot every visit. Of course, Monster Man is only allowed to enter a store in secured straight jacket and a short leash. But for normal kids, you know, the thought is just hysterical!

Just humor me and laugh, ok? Thanks.

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  1. UUggh....that'd be all my kids needed. Caffeine out the wazoo.

    I'd keep mine on a very short leash.


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