Sunday, July 20, 2008


"Ha hooo!!! heee he!! ooh hooo ha!!!"

Think a sound resembling the combination of the Marx brothers and PeeWee Herman. Hysterical and almost scary at the same time.

That is what my son presently sounds like. He's practicing--more like learning-- to play catch for the first time with real ball and glove, with Mr. FixIt in the front yard, accompanied by crazy jumps for joy by the almost 5-year-old boy with bulging neck veins as he hoots and hollers around the front yard, cracking up when he throws a wild ball or stops one on the ground. Occasionally he will pout and give a distraught "I can't DO this!!" when one bounces by him. Though a few words of encouragement and a couple demonstrations of "try this way" he's back to the PeeWee deep voice giggle and trying again. So far, he's caught a few, stopped several and only been smacked in the forehead one time. Not bad! He has a heck of an arm and CAN aim pretty well, but he seems to get serious gratification from daddy running like a maniac after throws almost beyond reach. I know for certain they both will sleep VERY, very well tonight!

Now I just need some peanuts and Kracker Jacks while I enjoy the show!

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