Saturday, July 5, 2008

More s'mores!!

I could write about the awesome grilled catfish Mr. FixIt made tonight for dinner or the yummy sweet potato casserole that had the kids licking their plates clean....but no, I'm gonna give homage to the awesome melted milk chocolate and marshmallow delight we all know as s'mores! I haven't made s'mores for years and have put the kids off making them a few times thinking of the mess and goo even though we have a fire pit and Mr., I mean FixIt has fires regularly for the kids to burn sticks or make hot dogs, etc. My middle sister came to visit last weekend, and she suggested we get stuff for s'mores. She left...s'mores stuff still here and you know Hershey bars aren't gonna last long around my house. So in the pouring rain, we made s'mores. In the toaster oven- had ya for a sec, eh?! Ok, there is a reason I've probably never thought of fixing them under the broiler of the toaster oven...tooo, tooo freakin' easy!! I will end up at s'mores anonymous meetings before the month is over. I'd forgotten how incredibly melt-y chocolaty awesome these things are, I don't care how messy! If it weren't for burning my hands, I'd not even waste time with the graham cracker! Forget the brownie batter, hand over the chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows and clear a path to the toaster oven!!

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