Wednesday, July 2, 2008


While slicing some fresh mushrooms to saute for dinner, I had a memory of a food I have not eaten in years...I mean YEARS. Freshly gathered fried mushrooms. YUM.

Remember mushroom huntin'? Late April, I think? I only went on a few hunts when I was little but I enjoyed helping to fry them no matter who brought them home! Mushrooms have a very rich smell when they are being fried and man are they yummy! We use to have gatherings at my aunts house just to fry and eat mushrooms and most everyone would be near sick from indulgence!

What foods do you remember from your childhood??

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  1. I've never had freshly picked & fried mushrooms but I DO love fried mushrooms all the same! Food from growing up is my mom's lasagna. Yum


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