Thursday, July 24, 2008


Are finally growing! Look at what is in my garden:



(no, you don't need more coffee. B took these-her arms are short and she zoomed too much, lol)

Cukes! This was taken a week ago and the plants are more than triple of this picture with several blooms and small cucumbers coming on now-Woohoo!!

I do have a cute little fence around the garden to guard from wayward toys, balls and the near-blind dog. Hopefully I can also keep out the rabbits and birds and my SON- who picked off a handful of tomato blooms last week "Here momma, flowers from your garden!" AAACCCKKK!!! - I just might end up with something we can eat! :-D

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  1. Cool! I'm seriously jealous of your garden. Best I can do here is my flower garden and some slow growing gourds. Think about me chewing on a rose bloom while you munch fresh cukes and maters!


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