Monday, July 7, 2008

Post pics

I am such a ding dong....I realized today that I have not posted any pictures of my food topics!
At least for this month anyway. I did post apple and peach pie pics made Father's Day weekend, but I guess they don't count.

I don't keep Pepto-Bismol because we're a Kaopectate kind of family. Mon probably has some right now, though it's probably boiling in her van in the heat, and she might not want her Pepto photographed then viewed by millions of readers. Ok, four readers.

The summer fruit dessert is GONE so no pics of that unless I make it again before the month is out.

S'mores. Ditto. Google the word or use your imagination because if I buy any more of that crap, I'll need an 8-man tent to cover my ass.

I don't have any pics of fried mushrooms from 25 years ago. Sorry.

I did take a picture of the near empty wine bottle from the "Winding Down" post. Maybe I'll work on uploading that picture... like tomorrow!! :-D

Nighty nite!!

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