Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Dinner anyone?

I am feeling a bit bummed in the dinner department lately. What to have?? Same ole stuff? Try something new?? I've fallen off my "think up dinner ideas for a week" wagon. Even if I didn't make an actual list right then of what I had on hand/wanted/needed, but just a general idea of at least a main dish and a few sides/veggies so I wouldn't have to think about dinner for several days at a time. That wagon is loooooooong gone. Kind of like the "gonna get on the elliptical every day" wagon. Ugh.

I have a couple of decent cookbooks, but really don't care to look in them. Well, except maybe 10 minutes before I need to start dinner, and then I'm always missing at least one ingredient I can't do without. I have a R@chel Ray Easy 30- and 60-minute meals book. EASY??! She's either smokin' cheap crack or she is seriously spoiled! I don't even know why I bought the damn book- ok, wait I do know, I got it like 75% off-- because her squeaky, raspy voice spikes my gag reflex and makes me want to knock some wind into her lungs. Drives me batty. Back to the book...most of her recipes in this book have at least two if not three hard-to-find or seriously expensive ingredients. Does she thinks we keep all that stuff on hand?? Or have enough money to go get that stuff for every meal?? (return to crack/spoiled comment) Ugh. Double Ugh. And throw a gag in there for good measure.

I just remembered!! Kandace aka- One Crazy Chick- had a recipe contest/post a couple months ago!! Wooohooo! OH! And Pioneer Woman has a whole food section! YAY!

Further proof that blogging does not waste time- it has a distinct purpose. Thankfully this week's purpose is to bring dinner back to life!! Yeee-haaww!!!


  1. Same for me. I'm tired of the same ol' same ol' but I'm too lazy to find something to replace the old dinners with....

    That's my problem. Laziness....

    When you find something new to cook, let me know and save me a plate.

  2. You like chicken?? Cream chicken and biscuits is the fare for tonight....here ya go. Fresh made biscuits too, none of those cheater ones.

    Ok, I do use cheaters biscuits at times, sending the good stuff to Slick, lol.

  3. Hi Ang!!! I'm glad you found me and commented. I'm in the same boat. So burnt out on the five meals we eat over and over again!!!!


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