Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five-year-old boy

Can you believe this little turkey in the high chair....

is now FIVE??

Hold up, now. He was an every-two-hour nursing, mustard poop-through-the- diaper-leg four times a day squirming specimen just a few weeks ago wasn't he??

When did he start talking in full sentences and asking questions about everything he sees, hears, smells?? Including the poor elderly woman in the check out in front of us who "I think this lady needs her pants checked momma!" I prayed the poor woman was seriously hard of hearing.

When did he start thinking "underpants" is the most hysterical word on the planet? Jeesh!

Where is the boy who was adamant for almost an entire year to be "Super Larry Boy" not Superman... super Larry Boy...??

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little guy!

But it doesn't stop there.

No birthday is complete without a trip to Chuck E Cheese Hell.

Sorry the pic is dark of Monster Man in the Chuck E car. I didn't fuss with photo tricks to fix it. You're lucky I got out of there alive to even post.

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