Friday, July 11, 2008

Strawberry Fields Forever

In my previous summer dessert post, I mentioned Boone Hall Plantation on the SC coast and strawberry picking. Here are some pics of those fun days in the glorious sunshine!

Keep in mind these were taken in mid-April in SC. Which really depresses me that we still have snow and gloomy skies here in April. Ugh.

My two munchkins LOVE, love, LOVE strawberries and it was hard to keep them from eating half of what they were picking. Especially Monster Man. See here:

I don't have any pictures of their faces. They were always too busy picking and MM eating to look at me!

Even more difficult than a decent picture was to get him to understand that a basket full of one-bite-tested strawberries will a) get us in trouble, b) make us end up with bug-filled, half-rotted basket by the time we got home! I was always bracing myself fearing they'd approach me and question how many my son ate while picking. I figure if they had anyone watching the crops with boy was the target of suspicion...big guilty, filled-to-the-gills smile, red juicy drizzle down his chin and shirt, red-tainted smears up both arms from continuous wiping of chin drizzle. Not pretty. I know each visit he had to have consumed near a quart on his own before we even made it to the "picking spot."

I love fresh orchard picking and remember going with my Grandma H to Cherry's Orchard in right down a windy road from our hometown as a kid. She would occasionally test or let one of us test a fruit before picking more, but we didn't dare even THINK about eating anything before we paid otherwise. She'd have switched our butts right there and not let us ever come back. Also I'm sure part of the reason being she had intentions of jellies, jams and pies from the fruits we picked, and I know the battle with my two in "if you don't stay out of those, I won't have enough for _______ (insert desired dessert)!" Grandma does make some awesome jam!

I think next trip home, I'm going to have to take the kids for a visit to Cherry's. Must make mental note to pack the straight jackets and duct tape!

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