Monday, July 21, 2008


Tried something to venture from our regular dishes tonight. We love tacos, but I usually have to sneak peppers and onions by the kids and I hadn't tried fajitas in a while, so tonight was GO night for FAJITAS!!

Well tonight, we had some awesome ones if I do say so myself!
Fresh chicken sliced into strips seasoned in olive oil and then I added a sweet sliced onion, and sliced green and red peppers, saute'd in olive oil to the side. Then added yummy fajitas seasoning (I cheated on that part) and mixed them all together to finish cooking over low heat. Placed these on soft tortillas then topped them with fresh tomatoes, shredded cheese and a bit of sour cream and wrapped them up!

The only thing I forgot was the refried beans to go with it, but we all ate enough to be stuffed to the gills so I don't think anyone realized it, hehehe. I'll get some refried beans and rice to go with them next time!!

Anyway, it was way better than Taco Hell...or even Don Pablo's or the other small place we use to frequent in SC. Ok, it doesn't take much to be better than Taco Hell unless you are a seriously poor college student and you occasionally can scrape a total of 99 cents from every backback, purse and car cup holder and thank the good Lord that tacos are CHEAP! Been there!! Though I admit the Mexican place in the next town beats anything I've ever had, but they are family owned/run place not a chain restaurant. They make everything right there from scratch! You can watch. Nothing trucked in pre-made or frozen. And they rock!!

But tonight, I ROCK! Or at least I think so from the rousing dinner applause, praise and sparse left overs. :-D


  1. And I didn't even get a freakin' invite???


    Sounds great though, Ang!

  2. This was the test run--didn't want to invite you then, well they'd suck or kill you or something! :-D

    You can catch the perfection round next time with beans and rice- I'll even make enough for Trish and the kids! Bring 'em over! :-D


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