Saturday, July 12, 2008

Like it loud?

If so, you'd like NHRA racing! Or as our kids call it, "cars that shoot fire!" There is nothing like thunderous sound and rumbling ground beneath your feet when the AA alcohol dragsters and Top Fuel funny cars head down the track. WOW! Monster man's first race he asked Mr. FixIt, "Daddy, why is the world shaking?!" :-D A Screamin' Eagle Harley doing a quarter mile in about 7 seconds makes my knees weak... Yes, we like drag racing!

The kids had never shown the interest in Nascar as Mr. FixIt hoped, despite B watching her very first race, THE Daytona 500, at barely a week old, right in daddy's arms. He tried so hard to share his love of Earnhardt and Dale Jr. with the kids. They know who some of the drivers are, but don't plan on them watching a race going in circles. Ironically, over the past two years both kids have acquired a serious addiction to drag racing! They watch it all, even both days, all rounds of qualifying, not just the finals. I think if they could find the keys to the lawn tractor, they'd be baiting the neighbors to drag on our street! They are a tad redneck like that. Considering Mr. FixIt rigged the throttle to go full bore at the pull of a cord so our lawn tractor can pops wheelies. Yes, they get redneck honestly.

Mr. FixIt's fav driver is John Force, and I do say he kind of reminds me of my dad, but a nicer version of my dad. The kids cheer for John and Ashley Force, but they love them all! Monster Man had his picture taken with Greg Anderson last year. B got John Force and Melanie Troxel's autographs last year, and she chomped at the bit all day in Norwalk to make return trips to the pits for more chances. Though the weather was nice, the track wasn't cooperative while we were there. We did more waiting than watching since only a few classes of cars and I think first round of motorcycles ran before the track started seeping water which ended up canceling the rest of the qualifying for that day. Oh well. It happens. We did have a great family day!

Ashely Force's car in the staging area.

Safety Safari guys asked the kids if they wanted to check out the truck and get some pics. We talked to them for a bit, really nice group! They rock!
I unfortunately did not get a pic of John Force near running over my foot with his little scooter. Dang. But he did nod and wink a "hello" to me! That counts for something doesn't it?! Well unless it was a nod of "damn heifer, you're blocking my path!" I'll vote for hello.

The day ended with fireworks. So even if the kids didn't get to see much racing, they did get an awesome fireworks show! Yes, B still has her hearing protection on. She never has liked firework noise, just the pretty lights!

Oh, about the only thing this post has to do with food is like at most sporting events the food is outrageously expensive, but OOOOHHHH so good! I drooled over pretzels and funnel cakes and huge slices of cheese-dripping pizza. We had packed a cooler for drinks and sandwiches so had our nice cheap lunch under the canopy tent that afternoon. I did splurge $5 on a large sweet tea! Oh yeah! Don't get that everywhere in uh-HI-ya. Had to take advantage of that one. :-D

Can't wait until next race. Night Under Fire here we come!

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