Saturday, June 28, 2008

On your mark...get set...WAIT!

We went to an NHRA racing event in Norwalk today:
Left at 9 this morning, just got home at 11:35 and due to track delays we only got to see a few of the motorcycle races and street series (name escapes me now) but none of the top fuel or funny cars...dang. Though John Force did almost run over my foot on his scooter! :-D

It was a long, hot (yes, I said hot), loud day with two kiddos, a canopy tent, some cool pics and very, long walks but I will give further explanation tomorrow when I have working brain cells....right now I need shower and sleep.

I really only fired up the beast to check weather for our yard sale tomorrow, but thought I could drop a quick post about our day. I'll fill in more details and highlights later.

Oh yeah, tomorrow's forecast... 70% chance of rain all day....NICE.

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