Saturday, June 21, 2008

You know the day's gonna suck when...

Right off the bat you drop a new bottle of your favorite coffee creamer and it spills all over the kitchen floor. I couldn't have made more mess if I'd thrown it on purpose! The top caught on a fridge shelf on the way down, popped it open and it splattered all over the inside of the fridge and then made a huge puddle on the floor before I could pick it up. Shit. Not a good sign. Now I haven't had breakfast, haven't had a sip of coffee yet and I'm cleaning thick creamer off the floor. I for a second pondered how sick it would make the dog if I let him in the house to help clean the puddle on the floor, but figured I didn't have enough brain cells workin' yet to consider options.

A bit after clean up, grouch recovery, breakfast and a half cup of java down my gullet, I start back to the kitchen to top off my cup. I put my coffee mug to the water dispenser of the fridge..Argh! Where is my brain?? Not too bad though, only a little water. Still worth drinking.

Morning walk with a friend went without incident, thank goodness.

Then while trying to tidy up a bit, putting away some shampoo on the top shelf in the bathroom (do you see the potential for disaster?) and one bottle of shampoo does the weeble wooble dance but it did fall down and right past my hand, popped off the top, shampoo splattered all down the shower curtain, big puddle on the floor. UGH!! What the hell is wrong with me today??

Side note, I tripped going up the stairs from the basement this morning.

Back to shampoo mess- So I grab a wash rag that was hanging to dry and start to sop up shampoo, but as I start to rinse and wring it out in the shower I think, "Well this is stupid. I have a rag full of soap, rinsing it out and this shower needs a wipe down." I felt a bit better about my shampoo incident after the tub/shower and bathroom floor were clean.

So when life hands you lemons....scrub the tub.

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