Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day and Apple Pie

In preparation for Father's Day, Saturday afternoon the kids helped me bake pies, apple for grandpa, peach for FIL and cheesecake for Mr. FixIt. Of course Mr. FixIt took a motorcycle ride to visit his dad so when the kids and I join them Sunday the desserts will be surprise. :-D

There's two of them, peach on the left and apple on the right. Yes, the apple is more full because I had two peach hounds that kept snagging peaches from what I was slicing up! Also notice the difference in color. The left was half Crisco/half butter for the crust and the right is butter flavor Crisco only. Just so you know :-D

It's been too long since I've made pies and I found myself pleased when they were done, but kind of bummed...I wanted to make more!! I'd forgotten how much I love to do things like that! Wow-life is a bit different without 8 or 10 hours of work each day. I have time to bake again!! Yeeeeehaaaw!! I did get a little frustrated a couple times with Monster Man as he kept pestering to roll out the pie dough, again...and again. He wants to roll it out, ball it back up, then roll it again (the kid does LOVE play-doh) and then kept wanting me to cut edges so he could have a taste. Though I can't blame him for that one, I do love pie dough myself. Yuu-uum-my. One look at my bottom half gives away that sin.'s now near 1:30 am, I'm tired but for some reason am sitting here watching Die Hard for the 537th time, and I need to be on the road by 9 in the morning, so I'd best get my arse showered and in the bed.

Oh, and I washed "my" motorcycle earlier...just wish I was RIDING the damn thing farther than from the driveway back to the garage. Will have to work on that this summer.

And I didn't touch the Pit at all yet. There's always next week...


  1. The pies look great! I love baking! :-)

  2. YUMMY! I've also rediscovered my love for cooking the past couple of weeks...the family is enjoying the variety as well. I believe Mr. Wonderful commented after chicken fajitas, black beans and rice..."That was great, baby! Is that a new recipe out of the cookbook we got you for Mother's Day?" No, just not much else to occupy my day other than creating something different for dinner.


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