Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yard sale!

Have I lost my flippin' mind?!?! Yard sale is always a good idea when you are stuffing something in a box, or drawer or the back of the closet. Draggin' all this crap out is a serious time and motivational killer. Joint yard sale this weekend with my sister. She already has at least a car load and is now talking of bringing a trailer too...yikes.

Over the past few years of fluttering behind FlyLady, I have really decluttered and tried to get rid of things as much as I can including clothes in closets and toys so if something isn't used regularly, out it goes...well, normally. I tossed/sold/yard sale/donated literally truck loads before we moved two years ago, and the movers were ever so thankful. :-D So I am learning to NOT hang on to stuff...or trying. Even so, truth be told, I have certain areas for "yard sale" stash around the house that slowly get filled up; mainly my Pit of Shit office and the basement, and we add to those through the year as the kids grow out of clothes, good shoes, and other things decent enough to pass on/sell. I have helped picky child go through her closet, and I swear half of those things she has never worn. Monster Man gladly went through his shelves and box and proudly had a large muck bucket full of mostly toddler toys that he's outgrown in about two minutes! Color me shocked. I expected no less than kicking and screaming from that hooligan!

After gathering those items and pulling things out here and there around the house, I have half of one side of the garage near full. Seriously. The kicker is I haven't even ~touched~ the yard sale stashes mentioned above that amount to no less than four garbage bags, three huge boxes and two large Rubbermaid tubs. Man I hope it doesn't rain this weekend.


  1. Good for you! I got as far as my side of the closet before I gave up, threw a fit and got out of garage sale obligation...at least for now! Good luck!

  2. I love selling the stuff I just HATE getting everything ready! Good Luck!


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