Thursday, June 12, 2008


Nice little exchange my daughter initiated with me this morning as I was slapping on a quick face of foundation and mascara. Went like this:

DD- Mom, you look better with makeup...(kind of a giggle) really.

After I picked my jaw up off of my makeup table: Uhh, yeah. Good to know the bazillion dollars of CoverGirl, Mary Kay and Maybelline over the years weren't for nothin'! Won't even mention the BeautiControl rep that ripped me off 4 years ago and still owes me a bronzer and 60 bucks. (She apparently went under and took her last several party patrons with her sorry self, including moi.)

DD- Do you use blush?? (not waiting for response) Yeah, you need some of that too. That's better. I sitting here?? Am I really hearing this?? I know this horrid well water and whatever crap is still IN it after filtration, softener and basement full of fixes is seriously killing my skin but HOLY SHEET BATMAN!! Is this my normally sensitive, cares about everyone child?? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot* just happened???

That little skinny brat had better just hold that thought a couple years. I can't wait until one bright day, in the midst of her trying to find something to wear, say maybe 9th or 10th grade, cause I'm gonna get her back--

Honey, you look much better with those liquid-filled add-a-cup bras...really.


(*Credit to Mon for that one!)

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  1. ROFL!! That is classic! I love your blog!


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