Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer- bout time!

School hours and subject completion are in the home stretch, the weather is nice enough to leave the windows open in the day (though only a few cracked at night so not THAT warm yet), dance recitals are on the horizon and both kids are growing out of shoes!! It must be SUMMER!!

WOOOHOOOOO!! Picture me doin' the happy dance!! Ok, well maybe not...anyway, even with pouring rain all day, the previous several days of sunshine have made me feel MUCH more content with the world. Thursday and Saturday I worked on some seriously cleaning that I had been neglecting-- windows washed inside and out, curtains washed and heavy LR curtains put away leaving the light sheers for summer, blinds from the kids' rooms pulled down/scrubbed/back up, and I even shampooed a couple carpets. Boy did they need it! I just need to work on a few more carpets and do some kitchen re-organizing and I'm pretty well wrapped up except for daily stuff. Of course the Pit of Shit/Office is in need of a stick of dynamite or a black hole to drop by and suck all the crap out I don't know what to do with, but I'm not letting it rain on my "Summer is finally here" and "my house is decently clean" parades!


-sorry for screaming--I've been waiting for long, treacherous, frigid months for this!! Really.


  1. I've got 2 more weeks of kids being in school before I can do the happy dance! I'll be SO glad when I'm not waking them up at 6am. Ahhhh....one more hour in the day just for MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hang in there girl!!
    Amazing how just one extra hour of sleep or "me" time can make you feel the rest of the day!

    We are supposed to have temps in the high 80s by weekend- YES, YES, YES!!! :-D Maybe I can wear shorts finally.

  3. Hey, are you for hire? I'd be willing to pay your plane ticket out if you are willing to pull down/scrub/hang blinds, curtains etc and do carpets! For added persuasion, we have a SONIC within walking distance to the house!!

  4. Enjoy the nice weather!! :-) I think we are going to break out the blow up pool tomorrow. LOL


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