Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Thanks

Earlier this week, Mr. FixIt had a very terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Yeah, just like the book. He had gone to work but debated to come home early all day. When I returned home after dropping B off for her early afternoon dance class, he was home, already in the chair, covered up with his quilt and "out of it." Earlier in the day he had requested grilled cheese, so before I left I'd started a pot of chicken soup to go with that. I know he was not well because as the smell of grilled cheese filled the house he was still in the COD (chair of death); not being his normal cheese vulture self trying to dive on the first one done. In fact, he was snoring. (I should have smacked him for insulting my awesome grilled cheese that way) I actually had to wake him up to eat! I still had to run back to the dance studio to pick up B....which he normally would have done. Upon our return, his plate and bowl were empty but he was snoring again. Wow. He really must be sick! The kids have another bowl of soup, and I clean up a few things...he's still snoring. I figured I'd start cycling kids through quick showers so if he did wake up and want to go to bed, the upstairs would be fairly quiet. Ironed a few shirts for him for the week (which he usually does since I only iron in the midst of a sewing project) and the kids help put away some laundry before/after showers. By this time Mr. Fix has been home 4 hours and is still cuttin' down a forest in the den. Hmmm. I did check a few times to make sure he was actually breathing. :-D (and no Monica, I did not pinch of his nose and wait for him to GASP! LOL)

Now it's bedtime for the kiddos and I'm about whipped but they have decided to gang up on me and after teeth brushing, they both jump in my bed. So I jump in with them and then about half to sleep think better of it...if he actually does make it up the stairs tonight, he will not be in any shape to get kids out and to their own beds, and I really, really don't want to wake up and do it either. Since they weren't yet asleep, I convince them to move over to B's room (full bed). I woke up steaming in the middle of the two sweaty kiddos about 11 pm...phew! No sign of Mr. FixIt upstairs. Now this man rarely sleeps more than six hours for various reasons, and at this point, he's going on seven hours in one heap. He's still in the COD, and even in my half-sleep state I'm shocked.

Sometime between me falling asleep after that and the alarm going off at 5:30 he had stumbled upstairs. He woke me up saying he felt a little better and thanks for the ironed shirt and tie I set out the night before. ~NP man, be quiet so I can continue my ZZZZZZZZZs, and we'll call it square (wink)~. He heads to work and I head back to dreamland.

Later that morning, like normal waking hour, I boot up my puter as I slug my java and I find this in my inbox:

I know that my new job has placed some more stress on both of us, but I really do enjoy it. Having you home and not stressed so much by work is the only way that I could continue this job effectively. Cases like last night with me being sick are the perfect example. You cared for me, the kids, and everything else like usual. I am a lucky man to have you as my wife, but even more as my friend. There are never enough words to tell you how I feel and I know that I don't show it near enough either so I thought a little line or two would help. I love you Angela.
ps. Nice choice of clothes

Jeesh-Ok, PASS me a kleenex!!

I didn't do all that so I could be crying in my coffee, man. Glad to be appreciated, but give a girl forewarning!!

Did I mention I really love that man?? Even when he makes me kick and cuss and want to strangle him for silly things, I do love him :-D


  1. Wow, that would make me need a tissue, too!
    They can be sweet when they're sick, huh?
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. What a WONDERFUL email! :-) It is always nice to be appreciated. Rock on Mr. FixIt!

  3. That guy's a keeper! Lucky you. Sniffle.

    Your kidlets might enjoy this discovery:


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