Monday, June 9, 2008

Summer storm

I started the day off in the front yard swing...basking in the sun and unusual heat for 8 o'clock in the morning. The day did turn out to be a scorcher (well for these northern Ohio folks) with record high temps and of course ending a hot humid day, some dandy thunderstorms are quickly moving in! I LOVE a good tree-swaying, thunder-rolling, lightning flashin' long as it doesn't shake the trees until they fall down and hurt anyone or start crashing into houses. Also I don't wish any flooding as has happened over in Indiana and out west last week., but I do love a storm. I was always the kid with my face out the window watching the lightning until my mother screamed that I was "gonna get KILLED, come away from the window!" So true to my heart I am ending the day, 9:30 pm, sitting on the front yard swing, wind blowing, thunder booming, heavy clouds quickly rolling by and waiting on the rain. Of course the dog is hiding in the basement freaking out, but I'm gonna sleep well tonight. Aaaahhhh, summer storm.


  1. Your storm description sounds wonderful!

  2. More on the way today too, but I don't want the flooding that occurred west of us-yikes!!

    You get too hot over there, come on up! Nice and just on the edge of warm, about 80-85 now most afternoons :-D


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