Sunday, May 4, 2008

The voice of reason...

says I blew it, dang. Thinking I'd get a quick chance to blog about the various voices of the crazy day yesterday. The hushed voices of an attempt at private conversation during a 5+ hour flight, the hurried and loud scuffling of feet through airports, the frustrated venting of the masses at security checkpoints, the "aaaaahhhhhhhh" my feet gave me as I dropped into a comfy bed after keeping them moving and strapped in shoes for 19 straight hours....

But no, none of that was dished out here for you to read yesterday. Whoops!

Thinking of voices closer to my heart, I barely had glimpse of Monster man's voice because when Grandma asked if he wanted to talk to mom at the end of the day he said, "No, not right now." Thanks ya little fart!

Oh well. One of these days I'll keep up NaBloPoMo...or at least not blow it on the third day!

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