Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hot, hot, hot!

Well, warm actually. Nice and toasty over in the hills of West Virginia, or at least it was until the storms came through this afternoon, but still 20 degrees warmer than at home! Mr. FixIt is already home; he rode the bike home earlier today. He called late this afternoon and said it was nice to be in cooler weather again.
BAH HUMBUG!! Crank it up!! 80+ has been great!!

We did a little riding today before the storms were too strong. Then came home and cleaned up, ate some yummy leftovers from the humongous feast yesterday, and I did a little bit of work this evening. All in all another tiring day but fun, filled with food, lots of laughter, dust, goofiness and plenty of smart remarks from my dad of course. The "King" knows all and is not afraid to tell all...just watch out if he asks you to hold his teeth!!

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