Monday, May 19, 2008

The only voices...

I hear at the moment are my calves screaming, "You evil B!TCH" and my heels whimpering for mercy. Tomorrow morning, the calves will be throwing knives at me all the way down the stairs, every step with a wince.

Yes, I had dance class earlier this evening. I really love it though! It is a fun time to joke and talk with ADULTS and not the 4-year-old crowd, not to mention I get as much workout in dance class as I do running myself on the the elliptical, mostly because it's exhausting and after a run through of our routine, I am in need of oxygen! Funny thing though my butt is not complaining. No slew of profanity or even smart remarks from that area tonight though it should be the body part with the most grief. Shhhhh...don't tell Miss N! :-D Those parts need the most work but they are the biggest babies and really don't want to participate and she could cause them pain! I've blocked from memory the steps we did in class a while back that made us scream, "Omg, my THIGHS are on FIRE!"

Apparently I need to get back on the elliptical so my back end and thighs can join in on the fuss fest and be prepared for those upcoming steps of death in future dance class because Miss N will remember them. Oh yes, she will, and a room of adults will turn into whiny 8 year olds begging, "Do we have to?! Awww MAN!"

I'm sure she loves those voices. :-D

ETA- It more than likely would be whiny 8 year olds...3 year olds still think torture is fun.

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