Monday, May 12, 2008

Motivational voices

How can a person be lost in your their house? Or more precisely, how do you lose your motivation and its voice that was coaching your way to accomplishment 12 hours earlier??

We are finally home, kids back, unpacked, critters all back to normal, and I'm a zombie. Might as well have a big ole bag over my head and be running into walls because that's about all I've accomplished today. I wasn't really jet-lagged at all. I was fine yesterday with all the running around and visiting. I slept 8 hours...count them, EIGHT HOURS...last night which is some kind of either record or miracle, either of which I'm thankful for! :-D I did get a few things done earlier today: Kids meal related things, trudged through the huge mass of mail from an entire week, and a small amount of work done around lunch, but WOW...other than that I feel like a sloth. Was thinking last night on the way home-- oh tomorrow I'll do this, this, this and need to do that, this and that...ok. That will be good. Nice plan! Today?? Zero on the achievement scale. Work is drowning me, and even having the days kid-free with evenings for "vacation" I should have been able to plow through tons, TONS, of work, then I got sick on the second day...great. I lost some work time I planned on gaining last week, so I do not have time for days like this!! WTF is wrong with me?? Where is that attitude and motivation I had last night?? I think it took one good look at this office this morning and RAN for dear life!! The house isn't too bad in general and I'll do the kitchen here in a bit before I start dinner...but work/office/mail/bills ..EEEEK!!! Apparently the "will and intent" fragments of my brain said, "Screw that sister! You're on ya own!!" Dang...I hate it when that happens.

I guess I need to get back to my routine and try to get at least something done, even if only a small task. I'm getting the voice of FLYlady in my head saying, "Go shine your sink!" Every accomplishment starts with a shiny sink, and I guess that's a good place to start as any! FLYlady has a way to kick those negative and overwhelming thoughts from my brain. I can't think about work and bills and all that stuff right now, have to pull a Scarlet on all that mess and remember "babysteps" -one thing at a time! Later gang, I'm off to go shiny my sink!


  1. Talk about motivation, thanks to you and the Flylady, my sinks are shiny now too!

  2. Atta girl!! :-D I keep trying to jump back on the Flylady wagon. I really fell off after we moved and had a bad time. Her system really does work, just a little here and there even makes a huge difference. Starting a morning looking at a shiny sink (and counter) is the best attitude adjustment for my whole day!


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