Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Secret Six

I've been tagged! Kandace, One Crazy Chick, tagged me with a fun game to tell six things you don't know about me. Hmmmm...I don't really have many secrets, but I'll give it a shot with things I guess most people don't know. Well except for Mon, she knows about most every sordid detail of my chaotic/ pathetic life. :-D

1. I only recently learned the real reason why pirates wore a patch over one eye, and only because I watched MythBusters.

2. In late high school, I contributed to running a guy off the road early one morning. It really was his fault because he tried to pass three cars at once, including me and the grandma in front of me. When I started to pass the slow moving grandma (country roads- nuff said) he wasn't there and then suddenly he was on my back quarter panel and still coming though I was halfway into the passing lane. Neither one of us backed off, and he ended up in the grass slightly down an embankment, then back up on the road behind me. He finally did pass me with lots of finger waving and expletives that you could actually hear at 65-70 mph. Thank God he only went in and out of the grass and no one was hurt, and I was a good ways from home. I'd have crapped if it was someone my dad knew (like everyone in town).

3. I fuss at the kids for belching obnoxiously loud, usually in public or at dinner, but I can do it a whole lot louder and nastier than they can. :-D (Yeah Mon has witnessed those.)

4. I was a horrid nose-picker as a kid. Maybe if someone would have recognized I had severe sinus/allergy problems, and I was struggling to BREATHE most of my childhood, I'd have not been digging for gold (air movement) on regular basis. I know gag, disgusting, and I only stopped because my uncle fussed at me in front of family one time in late grade school which must have been just at the age where other people's perception starts to matter and I was completely mortified! Embarrassed to tears! ( Which makes me one else noticed?? Guess not, even though I regularly begged for my mom to have my nose literally cut off but I never saw an ENT or anyone about why I couldn't BREATHE!) The embarrassment from my uncle's chiding made me start carrying Kleenex everywhere I went and trying to blow my nose, sometimes hard enough stuff would come out my eyes (the puncta -the little holes for tear drain tubes-yes, scary I know, but when I'm stuffed, it's no joke). I still go through cases of Kleenex a month but thanks to discovery of Claritin and Zyrtec in recent years I've yet to blow my eyes out of their sockets.

5. I haven't yet gone to the doctor for downward spiral of my attitude/depression because apparently my brain still thinks I can trick myself out of it. Which only works for very short periods of time. Though I've been trying to tell docs for years how seriously disappointed and frustrated I really feel about myself including eating/sleeping problems over the years, and the pathetic, everything's great happy-face-chick won't go away when I try to do that. Guess my guard is afraid to be let down even when it knows it needs help.

6. I'd run off with Mike Rowe if he'd ask. That's if I could lose about 50 pounds so he would have reason to ask and not run for his life! :-D I've never been one to get "OOOHH AAAAHHHH" over someone's appearance, even in high school/college (except my husband) but that man is HOT! HOT! HOT! Whew! We all like to watch Dirty Jobs in this house...for varying reasons, hehehe.

Ok, there you have it. Now I know you wish you'd hit "Next Blog" earlier and passed on those tidbits!

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I'd like to tag a few more bloggy friends that I regularly read, but I don't want to tap y'all out the first go 'round! :-D Have fun!


  1. Great stories! So why DO pirates wear one patch over their eye?

  2. OK, so maybe Mon doesn't know EVERYthing about you...I wasn't aware of the nose picking and I don't know, myself, why pirates wear an eyepatch! Guess we need to move closer to each other...second thought, you will have to move closer to ME! No way in HELL am I moving back to snow and blow and cold and rain!

  3. I guess if Mon didn't know #4 that's a good thing! LOL

    The pirate thing...Mythbusters proved the myth/legend that pirates wore a patch over one eye to always be prepared to see in the dark. If they had to suddenly go below deck or in the midst of some skirmish, they could use the patch to switch eyes and use vision from just the eye that had been in the dark because it would already be acclimated and have better acuity in the dark. It does, they proved it! Pretty freakin' cool!

  4. I, too, think Mike Rowe is HOT! :-)


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