Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hello? Dad?

My dad is a character and a half, one that most of the little town we grew up in knows well. Too well and even after him not living there for almost 17 years I can be in town and get, "Oh you're one of David's girls, right?" Hang head and run for nearest, yeah. Don't get me wrong, I love him to death and he's a lot of fun, but he can be the most stubborn, PITA person on earth at times. For instance this week, my mom is out of town. Like every time she is out of town, he calls me EVERY night, sometimes two and three times a night, oh man. Love ya dad, but some he can make you want to gouge out your ears and claim stupidity in the operation of a phone. Usually he has a story or three to tell, how his day sucked, how he has nothing to eat and will surely waste away in the night, how he's having chest pains (which he probably is honestly) and none of his kids will take care of him. Yes, guilt trip. He says he does it to pester us, but I really think he's lonely. I think mom is glad for the vacation from hearing his nightly bitch fest, lol. How that falls over to me in her absence, I have yet to figure out. As much as he drives me crazy with this..and he doesn't call my other sisters very often..I know I can't ask him to stop. For one, he's a mule and he'd call more if I said otherwise, and two, I know one day he will be gone and I'd kick myself. Though it hurts to think of losing the foul-mouth ogre, I know it is inevitable, and probably not far off.

Dad, you there? I'm waiting for my call....

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