Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Voices of the Brain

If you know my kids, you know Monster Man...and you know how unbelievably ornery and witty and just dag-gone CUTE the little fart can be, even when he's just driving you to drink... heavily.

Imagine this little hooligan man in dance class -the only boy, little girls approaching him before and after class wanting to talk to him or hug him. Jeesh. Little Casanova is not yet 5 years old. So being a focus of attention and dramatic to boot, his behavior can fall off the deep end pretty quickly. Some days to the point I am chompin' the bit to go drag him out and warm his butt all the way to the truck! Anyway, his teachers haven't kicked him out yet; he's only had to visit the "blue chair" once I think, though he deservingly has lost reward stamps at the end of class a couple times. Big ~BIG~ deal! Kids value those suckers! He'll come out squealling, "TWO STAMPS MOM!!" proudly displaying one on each hand after a good day. Some days he only gets one....a few times over the past two years no stamps at all, which he knows a butt warming after class is inevitable. Double whammy for no stamps.

This evening, in talking about our day before bed, Monster Man was informing Mr. FixIt that he received TWO stamps for dance class today. :-D Then he proceeds to tell me (like I wasn't there) that he won a game of freeze dance they were playing the last few minutes of class but at the beginning of the game he had a hard time playing.
"Why is that buddy?"

"Because my brain wasn't listening. My BRAIN (said with big eyes and dramatic face) was making my body move around and was NOT listening. My brain was making me bounce around like this." Monster man demonstrates bouncing, head bobbing and goofy eyes rolling.

"Then Ms. Leigh's BRAIN made me sit down." (picture a totally defeated face)

How about those voices??
I near peed myself laughing.

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