Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is just nuts!

Two hours. That is two hours worth of shoveling off part of the drive, shoveling the top layer off another part and using the plow to finish. Only about 3/4 of the drive done, but I can easily get out now. It is hard to tell from the pic (I should have had one of the kids stand in the frame) but the pile down the side of the drive is knee deep to me and nearly level with the rest of the yard. Great for sledding. Sucks to shovel.

I'm WHIPPED! Dang.

This is the cause of my frustration:

Snow + Ice layer + snow.

Dark layer is the driveway. White line in the middle is the inch of ice. Top layer still accumulating as I took this pic.

B holding a chunk of the ice layer with snow on top. This was the top half of what needed shoveled...because it was too heavy for the yard tractor to plow.

Winter is my LEAST favorite season.

I'd apologize for the dark pics but that's what you get in NE Ohio in winter...gloom, doom, yuk.

Makes me want to crawl in a cave and sleep for 4 months.

Though thankfully we have the snow front and back of this storm and not an "ice storm" like so many other do around and to the south of us. THAT nasty mess is way more worth of complaining about than what I have to deal with. I hope you all are safe down there!


  1. BLEEP IT! Third try! I'm trying really hard not to verbalize my frustration in a spiel of curse words, but this is making it very DIFFICULT for me! Must be a "sign" that it is just not my day to comment!

  2. Well, wouldn't that just bleep you up the goat bleep. Now that my perfect comment was lost due to "server error", now I can post a bunch of meaningless, non-sense, bullbleep!

  3. I will try to recover the perfect comment. However, there are no guarantees that it will be AS good as the original, as most things are not.

    I think it went something like this...

    I thought about (very briefly) about moving back to NE Uh-hi-a, but flushed that idea real freakin' quick when the option of sun came up. SNOW...SUN? Guess which one I picked?

    Then I said something like this...

    Jump on a sled, throw a poorly aimed snowball at one of the kids, shovel all that snow to Mr. Fixit's side of the drive....


    Fill the sunroom with sand, buy a tanning bed, sip on a margarita while fake and baking, fill a kiddie pool with warm salt water and PRETEND like you were on a beach!

    Not quite as poetic as the original, it just looses something after the 4th try! I'm off to have a Winnebago Man moment.

    Fuck this shit! It's not worth it! It's just not fucking worth it!!

  4. In case you forgot...
    You Tube...
    search: Winnebago Man...

    and for anyone reading this comment...try not to SPEW any liquid or wheatie-like out your nose when viewing the above

    My head is clogged and I feel like crap...Winnebago man is just what I needed!

    Well, I threw ice chunks...or I mean snowballs at the kids.

    I DID shovel/plow the snow to M's side of the drive...he'll have a blast when HE gets home Fri--hehehe

    LOVE the sunporch into a SUNNY BEACH idea, but would have to put up solid walls so I don't scare the neighbors.

  6. Holy crap! Ok now I know another reason why I'd never survive outside of CA! I promise to think of you when the kids and I are wearing shorts and T-shirts, enjoying the 82 degree CA weather while waiting in line at Disneyland tomorrow! *ducks before the snow shovel hits me in the head! lol*

  7. Awww man!! You're lucky my shovel is frozen in a 3-foot pile of snow beside the driveway! :-D

    Have a great day at Disney!! Just thinking of someone able to wear shorts right now makes me feel a little warmer! Thanks!

  8. I spent a few hours at the park today, sitting in the sun and getting sweaty. When I needed to cool off, I thought of these pictures, which I looked at last night. A Southern California winter is the best!


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