Monday, January 26, 2009

Ten More

Must be the week for memes! Rebel snagged me today :-D. You guys are going to learn a lot of useless crap about me this week!

To Play: List 10 honest things about yourself. Make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! Then tag 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap Award (visualize graphic from Rebel's page).

Ten Honest Things About Me:

1. I am fascinated by genealogy. Finding out who is related to who and how just intrigues me.
And makes me miss lots of sleep time.

2. I know I've admitted this before but I love Dirty Jobs. Mike Rowe...yum. Drool.

3. I spent WAYYY too much time online, but you knew that. RR is charging me 46 bucks I'm getting every cent out of them. That and I'm making up for all that time over the years I've been online working 12-15 hours in an average day and hardly had time to check my own email. :-D

4. I have battled depression, a very private in-my-head hellish war, for years. Getting help is difficult when your mind won't let down the "glass is half full" exterior down in front of anyone.

5. I was born with a chunk of male brain. I love cars, engines, the burning smell of nitromethane and 7000 horses barreling down the drag strip, not to mention guns and target shooting. I loved to run big dirt ramps and jumps on my bike as a kid (to which my mother would have crapped if she knew).

6. I sing all the stinking time... except by myself in front of others. Family trait- we all sing. Any group of us together, and we sound purty dang good too!
Though I take too much meaning of some songs to heart and end up crying if I listen to country. Cannot make it through anything even resembling Wynonna, Reba, or Faith Hill and I'm a blubbering mess.

7. I'm not a fraidy-cat person and rarely panic over anything, but I will jump 20 feet in the air if you surprise and scare me. The profanity spewed at that point is immeasurable. Ask Mon. or Mr. FixIt. Or either of my sisters. I do NOT watch horror movies for this reason.

8. Definitely a Daddy's girl. Probably because I was the only one who would mow the yard (without carving my initials into it...ah hem middle sister) and help change oil, plugs and wires.

9. Other than kids' games, I don't play card cames. Family played Euchre for years, but I just can't do it. No interest whatsoever.

10. There is/was/or ever will be anything more satisfying than nursing my babies. Nothing has ever meant as much as the ability to nourish my own children.

MY TURN to tag (ahh ha haha):

Insane in the Membrane
Hippy Chick
Crunchy Mama

Granted, if you just did the 25 Things note then you are excused :-D

If you read this on Facebook and have wandered over to my blog, feel free to jump back and post yours in Facebook Notes. Or blog it if you have one...whatever floats your boat. I'm not picky. :-D


  1. Ooooo girl, I hear you on Mike Rowe. Between the voice and the sense of humor, I bet that man has to use a Louisville Slugger to keep the women at bay. Rawr!

  2. NO kidding! I agree the voice is just velvety and he's a riot. Shirt off?? Holy cow...swoon.


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