Sunday, January 4, 2009

Grandma's garbage

Grandma's garbage is one thing I loved about summers as a kid. She would start making her awesome beef and veggie soup early, using most the afternoon it seemed to put it all together so by the time dinner rolled around we practically knocked each other down trampling to the table! The soup was a mix of all kinds of veggies- corn, green beans, peas, limas and LOTs of potatoes -so all the shapes and colors mixed with the tender chunks and strings of beef roast made it look like slop, at least to us. So we kids would jokingly yell "eewwwww" and "yuuukkkk- garbage!" giving Grandma's soup its name. Most of the family still calls it by that name.

I made some of Grandma's garbage today and only made one change to her recipe. I can't change much or it just isn't "Grandma's" but I used a deer shoulder roast, cooked in the pressure cooker with 2 cans of beef broth as my meat and base for my Garbage instead of beef. Hardly any fat to pull off the top, so was very lean and man, was it GOOOD! I love it when a dinner turns out well and it's icing on the cake when that dinner makes the whole house smell like grandma's. Kind of makes the snow and blow of NE Ohio weather not quite as bad....well, for a minute anyway.

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  1. AWWWWW MAN! Having experienced Grandma's garbage myself, I'm seriously craving a bowl or three right now, less the deer and add some cow! lol


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