Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let Me Count the Ways

There is no love lost between winter time and myself. Even so, I thought I'd dig down into the positive feeling and try to come up with a few good aspects of this wretched season in NE here goes:
(in no certain order)

- Potholes are full of snow!

- Get even with the children in the form of a few furiously beamed snowballs. Hehehehe.

- Can go 4-wheeling most any day of the week anywhere you drive! Yee-HAW!

-Chili- Lots and lots of chili.

-Rarely see sweat. Blood, guts, deer brains, and vomit from most any living creature does not bother me, but sweat dripping off someone's face? ~barf~ Gagging now just thinking about it. *My family knows I'm not normal, but thanks for thinking of them.

-Unrestricted use of my heated mattress pad topped with a really heavy down comforter. Mr. FixIt grumbles when I try to pass those off as "just changed the sheets, that's all" in July.

-Playing in the snow with dogs and kids burns double the calories as in the summer.

-The garage and sunporch double as additional fridge space for beverages.

No hurricane season. --ok, a South Carolina winter happy thought, but I'm grasping at straws here to make at least 10 positives. :-D

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