Thursday, January 15, 2009

I blew it

Man--so much for Nablopomo- totally blew it yesterday! Can't expect my brain to work when my body is in complete and utter shock of below zero temps can you?? I DID shovel the drive FOUR times yesterday between dance classes, lessons, feeding the hooligans and beating my husband because he hasn't put the dang snow blade on the tractor yet. WHICH I would have attempted myself IF I could have gotten the tractor out of the building and to the slightly warmer garage, but no. Tried to crank it before the real snow was scheduled to hit last's dead. Physical labor stuff I'll do, batteries and electricity I DON'T. So it will sit there with a dead battery until he drags the battery charger down there--have fun dear! Until then I'm only shoveling my side of the driveway...gotta keep it clear for my kids, right?? :-D hehehe

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  1. I blew it, too, last week. Oddly enough, my blogging is more enjoyable now that the pressure is off. I can't imagine living in weather that cold! It's been almost 80 degrees here all week!


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