Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Week?

Have I really lost a week?? Holy schniekes man! Sure, I've kept up FB and email, but my bloggy world didn't fare as well.
---Delete, delete, delete
You really don't want to read about my completely shitty week/weekend. You don't need me to drag you down into that misery. SO... inhale, exhale. This is a new week!

The sun is blinding today, even though the temps are flippin cold, so it looks nice outside when you can stand to open your eyes. I need to run errands to get hay for rabbits (why couldn't I have been jolted out of the black cloud over the decent-temp weekend to do that??) and then drop off library books before I incur enough fines to finance a larger children's wing. Also wouldn't kill me to get my truck washed. Talk about nasty. The only semi-clean spots are where the chunks of snow have slid down from the top/sides. Though my side of the garage presently has a deer hanging and the tractor so I don't know WHERE I would put a clean truck if I had one! My dad would completely flip out if he saw how disgusting my vehicle is right now. I hate it myself, but not much I can do about it. Washing it every other day is not an option.

Both kids finished school work early today without much fuss or difficulty. B is progressing nicely through 4th grade math though she still needs work on her multiplication facts. Of course that's a load of fun, but she told me today after working on some 2-digit multiplication problems, "That went pretty fast, Mom. Didn't take me long at all." I grasped that tidbit of info like a blue ribbon and upped the anty with "The more you complete, the better you know them, the FASTER you GET!" Crossing fingers she is of the same positive attitude tomorrow with three and four digits.

Monster Man is learning about Asia in history right now. He loves the map work and using a globe, the readings and stories, but the paper work projects he really detests (coloring) so I think while I make dinner later I will have him build an Indian elephant from clay... or the Taj Mahal...or construct the Himalayas. HA! That ought to keep him entertained for a while- hehehe. He would do anything rather than color. Anything- picking up toys. I've never met a kid that despised coloring -even with markers- as much as he does. He writes well, so it's not a dexterity problem. Attentional difficulty would get my vote but even to color a small symbol or the shapes on math pages...no go. He will outline them usually at least, but you'd think I was cutting off his limbs to make him fill in anything with color. Sigh.

Poochie pooh is getting bigger and bigger. She is at my feet sawing logs currently. Ben still does well with her, though she is very submissive and steers clear of him for the most part, especially in the house. I keep them separated most of the time anyway. Outside she will run circles around him, trying to get him to chase and play. Some days he complies for a while. Some days he just snarls at her. Winter temps and cold snow packed in his paws are hard on the old boy.

Mr. FixIt is home finally and things are back to normal. Thank goodness. Somehow this "need" to have him home snuck up on me, and I don't know why really. For so many years he wasn't home- out of state, out of the freakin' country even, and I did everything on my own. Everything. For weeks, sometimes months, on end. Family hundreds of miles away. I was always thankful for a few really close friends during those years. I really don't mind being by myself with the kids and critters, but lately it makes me moody (ok, downright pissed off) alternating with being totally in the dumps like a complete nothing. School work, dance, and life pretty much go on as normal-we're all still alive at the end of the week, lol, so I should be proud of that. At least I use to be. Was kind of a wall or badge, I can DO this! I AM doing it alone! Strength I HAD to have, no choice. Must have lost my badge in the move because it's been missing since about that time now that I think about it. Maybe I'm finally getting use to the idea that he's home more often than not. I know I've gotten dependent on his help with kids in the evenings and his usual "I'll take the kids" for weekend errands...ok, weekends when he's home. Thank God deer season is OVER! Thankful to have two freezers of meat but I need my man back! He has some jobs around here that need tending to...like putting away the Christmas lights. :-D


  1. I think I saw your "I Can Do It" badge buried under a mound of snow and ice...

  2. Current temp is -4, not including wind chill, so you want to come dig it out?? No?? Ok, well maybe come spring I'll find it :-D


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