Saturday, February 21, 2009

Boat drinks

Oh yeah, that's a Buffett-style house pina colada with dark rum floating on the top.

Yes, it was really yummy!

Mr. FixIt arrived home from Puerto Rico, WITH fresh and special reserve Bacardi in tow-YES, and promptly took us all to one of my fav places for an early birthday celebration. Cheeseburger in Paradise. Awesome food. Not too expensive either.

On the way, I found a birthday bonus:


"OMG- SONIC!! OVER THERE!!" I yelled when I saw it on our way to Cheeseburger in Paradise and Mr. FixIt said, "Uh oh. Do we need to change dinner plans??" No, no. I'll try to contain myself. The kids were as estatic as I was jumping up and down near busting their seat belts-woohoo!! Told Mr. FixIt I'd restrain myself and force myself to pass it by, since I'd been looking forward to a boat drinks outing with some crab and spinach dip appetitzer for weeks, so I wasn't going to change now...but man was it tempting! Sonic! It's here! Woohoo!!! No more torture from Mon and my sister--hehehe. I have my own sonic nearby!! They text me every time they visit Sonic near their homes just to rub it in so of course as we passed it by, I texted them the good news!! I can't wait for a Sonic #1 and some tater tots!!

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