Thursday, February 5, 2009


I use to be a die-hard Penny's shopper, for years. Though a Kohl's sprung up near us right before the move and I was in luuuvvv!! I gradually lost my addiciton to JCP company while I was finding awesome deals at Kohl's over the past few years. I can count the times I've shopped at Penny's in the last two years on one hand. That drastic a change. My sister was telling me of a great sale a few weekends ago, kids coats for $10, gloves for near nothing, but I never made it. I was lured back with a gift card from Christmas. I finally got a chance to run over there yesterday and discovered some awesome deals still there! Penny's did I miss you!! Great deals! If you are in need of casual or dress casual shirts or sweaters, you need to find a Penny's ASAP! Women's shirts $30-$40 for $7-$10!! YES!! Some dark colors, but not too heavy, half and 3/4 length sleeve shirts, which are fine for this area as we can wear longer sleeves pretty much year round. Light dress casual/church tops with 3/4 sheer-arm sleeves, heavy sweaters in all colors, button-down fitted stretch oxfords, dresses and skirts as well. Tons of deals in stuff that FITS! I limited myself to three shirts and spent less than $30 on all three together. Of course I had to check out the home section. Penny's always has a clearance bin in the window furnishings and I usually scout through it as I won't pay big $$ for curtains when I can buy better fabric and make some myself for a lot less, but $45-48 valances and 84" panels for 9 bucks?? 10 bucks?? Sold! Also intimates section had silky robes for $6 and $8. Happy Valentines to me!! (Mr. FixIt gives sigh of relief off in the distance). Boom* holders marked down to $12 and $15! Bonus!! Who couldn't use a new boom holder now and then? For 50-70% off?? Awesome!!

Oohhh- Question: Anyone try DHC Skin Care/cosmetics before? I received a sample via mass mailing this week. Cleanser and toning lotion worked well, not heavy or sticky, but that was only one use. The products aren't near as expensive as Clinque or Kohl's Clear Skin but more than Nutrogena or Oil of Olay. Even so, I'm reluctant to spend money on something I've not heard of before, even though I'm running out of options. You name the brand, I've tried it. My face was never this disastrous even in high school- very frustrating. Yes, I drink water like a fish. So, before I give another attempt to yet another brand, what do you guys know??

*Thanks to Monica calling them "boom holders"- still cracks me up years later.

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  1. Thank my kids for my calling them "boom holders" as they referred to the bosom area as booms which obviously became part of my vocabulary. Don't forget "Election Day" is coming know, "when Jesus came back to life".


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