Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Lurkey Day

First off, I'm poufed. We ate 5 hours ago and I still feel as if I could 'splode at any second. I was so full, I even took a nap after dinner, but that may have been in part due to my glass of wine with dinner. Hehehe. Thinking back to my not completely full plate, I really didn't overdo it toooo much...well except on the pre-dinner juicy turkey samples as Mr. Fixit was pulling it off the bones. No knives- it falls off and apart. He is the roaster master and makes a damn fine turkey! He preps it the night before, gets up at 5 am to start cooking- with no complaints. In fact I don't even ask, that's just his job. He takes care of anything turkey related. I just steal some of the awesome broth to fix my noodles and dressing. :-D I don't mind making the potatoes, noodles and green beans. Dressing is really easy as well. Yesterday I made 'doubled' eggs, as Monster Man calls them and he helped, and a peach pie as well as a homemade-from- scratch pumpkin pie. No canned stuff. Real pumpkin cleaned of strings and seeds, cooked, peeled, drained and squeezed of water then pureed. Voila- Canned pumpkin the hard way! Needless to say, now that I've tried it the Suzy Homemaker way, I have a new appreciation of canned pumpkin and will not ever feel guilty using a Libby's can again. The kids did help and they enjoyed getting their hands into pumpkins one more time. I turned out really well. I even tried a bite, and I don't like pumpkin pie. Not too shabby! It had my pie crust so I had to at least try it! I could just eat pie crust-ugh pastry weakness!! After I had done those Monica called me to tell about pumpkin cheesecake from the Hershey cookbook (she had bought me years ago) she was trying. I had some pumpkin left over so debated making her suggestiong but ended up going with the Creamy Peanut Butter Chip Cheesecake with chocolate graham crust due to overwhelming majority vote of Mr. FixIt and the young-uns. I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter baked things (thanks Mom- the thought/smell of her peanut butter pie still makes me gag 25 years later) so I tried a spoonful of unbaked cheesecake batter before I added the PB chips- YUMM!

So dinner is done, kitchen is now cleaned, kids are bathed and I'm scouring through blogs while sitting here by a roaring toasty fire. Aaaahhhh. I'm going to have to give up my warm spot before too long and head for bed. I'll be one of those crazy people at Kohl's at 4 am. Hehehe! I can't wait! Then over to Target at 6! I love crowds but I was never one to shop on Black Friday. Not until my sister and I went last year and we had a blast! We even called our mom at 4:30 to wake her up and ask questions-ha! We ended up not going to my sister's this year, but I'm still heading out the door at 3:45 tomorrow morning! I have my ads and coupons ready to go! Mr. FixIt heads out to deer hunt weekend after weekend, gone all day or all weekend for months so this is MY day. My turn to head out sans kids for the day, or at least the morning then I'm gonna come home and crash for a few hours before anyone has a chance to think I'm back on the job. Mom's day off aka Black Friday here I come!!

Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day!


  1. You go girl with that Black Friday shopping frenzy. I'm doing mine from home via the comforts of my COD sipping hot java while watching the news (and the balance of my bank account rapidly decrease, lol). I love the internet!!

  2. lol...3:45? You women are crazy. Crazy I tell ya!

    Glad you had a good holiday, Ang!

  3. Yeah, had a blast! Well shopping w/o kids is great no matter the day. Getting bonus % off sales is just icing on the freakin' cake! :-D


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