Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Don't they look as proud as punch?? Mr. FixIt got this 9-point the first day of deer gun season in the evening. Yes, it was the first day, but he'd seen 16 deer so far that day and this buck was chasing a group of 6. Nice shot. Nice big deer. LOTS of meat!! He's already had a couple processed this year during bow season so we have a good bit of burger, but he does like to butcher some himself for roasts, steaks and stew meat. And of course the loin--oh man, first thing he pulled out, the backstraps- some season-all and cooked them in the cast iron skillet. OH MAN!! is that yuu-uummy!! Can't get a more juicy, flavorful steak than that! Ok, those who don't eat venison I'll quit making you sick. :-D

B posed in this pic with him just because she was happy her daddy got a buck. She's been so worried, wanting him to get a nice buck, lol. She was with him in bow season and helped him get a very nice-sized doe a few weeks before. She jkept watch, picked out the doe, told her dad where to aim and when to release the bow. He nailed it so she helped drag it out of the woods. She can be a girly girl at times and knows how to turn on the drama, but she is definitely a hunter which makes Mr. Fix It, even more proud!

She's talking about taking a gun safety course in the spring. I'm sure my mother will have fits, but she's about the age I was when I took a gun class and shot a 12-gauge for the first time. Adding fuel to this fire is the fact that our nieces, B's age and a year younger, both went gun hunting this year- one got a doe and her sister "gave one a haircut" lol. So B definitely wants to keep up with her cousins. I know in some families the guys are hunting crazy but I think our girls can give them a run for their deer. :-D

Hey, I wonder if hunting with guns will scare off potential boyfriendsin the future or make them more attracted??? Maybe we can work on intimidating those boys and keeping them away....FAR away!!

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