Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's a race

To see what gets here first...the last few gifts I ordered or Christmas! Ha! I was pretty proud of myself Thanksgiving weekend as I did most of my shopping, got some awesome deals and was pretty much "done." The few things I didn't come home with were items I either couldn't find or I knew I'd seen better deals online. No big deal, I knew what I wanted and still have a couple weeks, right?? Well holy snot, those weeks shot by, and I realized last weekend those items in my shopping cart at Amazon weren't going to ship themselves- CRAP! So come on Amazon-don't fail me now!! None of the items being shipped are major gifts for the kids, and truthfully they are only for B, mostly accessories to go with what I already have. Can't help but kick myself for not getting them ordered earlier. One gift is for Mr. FixIt and I had a chance to order it before Thanksgiving at a great price, but I never did - the price went up, waited some more, price went back down, YES! Ordered at the last possible second! Story of my life! For B's few items being shipped as I type, I do have a back up plan: While shopping, I'd found some really good deals on things I didn't need for the holidays, but not wanting to pass up such savings, I bought them anyway to stash for B's birthday in February. So if I'm still eyeballing the driveway on Christmas Eve desperate for a UPS man I can attack before he even gets the big brown truck out of gear, I'll pull those birthday gifts out for Christmas and save the late arrivals for February. ....If I can find them. Hmmmmm.


  1. You and me both on the "race", only mine is a race to see if mom and dad get their packages before Christmas. Been toting them around with me for a week, finally mailed them yesterday. Aren't I the "good daughter"? lol good luck!

  2. I'm also reminded of my plate # in college LFT-579...rofl!

    Left at 5...
    To be there at 7...
    Got there at 9...

    Some things NEVER change, even with the best of intentions!


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