Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Frigid. Chill-to-the-bone cold. Freeze the snot while it's still IN your nose cold--MAN!! As I drove home last night from my grandparents' 60th anniversary open house, the outside temp on the truck display started at 13 and dropped steadily as I came closer to home reaching down to 1....ONE degree as we headed down our road. The wind was just wicked- blowing people all over the place along our way home. Thankfully it was late Sunday and not many trucks on the road- nothing like a 20-ton 18-wheeler leaning over and sliding your way! As I pulled into our driveway, our inflatable Santa in the front yard was dancing wildly, occasionally doing the limbo, like a holiday punching bag being repeatedly knocked down then bouncing back up for another chance. He was losing that battle. I told the kids to bundle back up well, gather their things and when I opened the truck door, WHAMMO! That icy blast was a bundle of sharp knives stabbing clear through me. I might as well not even had a coat on!
Fireplace! Hot chocolate- STAT!
I was fighting to keep feeling in my fingers and not lose my grip on purse/bags/hat, cussing NE Ohio weather and making mental note to kick Mr. FixIt in the shins and as if on cue, here he comes out to help me get the kids. In shorts. SHORTS!! Are you nuts??!! It's -15 below with the windchill out here and you're in comfy shorts?!? I had folded 4 loads of laundry before I left, it wasn't like he didn't have comfy pants or a pair of jeans to throw on. He did have a coat on at least, and I appreciate the help in getting the kids, but jeesh man!
Now my neighbors have proof- I'm not the only one who's missing a few marbles in this house. :-D


  1. hi, just saw your blog on the nablopomo blogroll and the name looked interesting. anyway, i enjoyed reading your posts! i used to live in ohio and i remember the cold winters above all else. my hubby wears shorts ALL the time, in ALL weather, of course we live in Southern California, so maybe that's more excusable. thanks for a great post!

  2. Sorry about the weather! 60 here today and my door is always open! Let me know when you've had enough snow and blow and cold and you can trade you hot chocolate and fireplace for a boat drink in the tiki bar!

  3. Thanks for stopping by Hippy Chick! We use to live in SC and we miss wearing shorts 10 months out of the year! This snow belt off the lake weather is for the birds! I think I could do southern CA!

    Insane- Well, it was 65 here on kidding!! Sunday morning was 64 at 6 am and by 6:30 it was down to 40! Now THAT is inSANE! so we're back to cold and more snow on the way...yuk. Hey, figure in a spare room into that impromptu unplanned remodeling gig-If I come down I'm staying until June!


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