Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hump day

I feel like hump I fell off the wall. Forget the king's horses and men, I don't think a miracle would put me back together at this point. **Spoiler** Bitch fest to follow so move on now if you like. **Disclaimer** I think Auntie Flo is knockin' which could explain bitch fest.
No wait...winter sucks no matter what stage of brain rot hormones have induced.

Snow, cold, winter- Ugh. I hate gloomy, cold days. I just want to stay in bed and do not a dang thing.
Work- Not happenin' - No time. No desire. Checkbook in about 12 stages of panic. Must remedy soon.
Kids- Driving me insane. Griping and fussing about everything. Wonder where they got that from?? Not helped by the fact that Mr. FixIt is out of town AGAIN. Thankfully he'll be home tonight.
Critters- New pup is growing like a weed, 43 pounds on Friday and now as tall as Benny Boy. She lost both her baby canine teeth this past week, and has outgrown her expandable collar. Ben must be feeling jealous of her new items because he destroyed her squeaky lamb toy.
Ripped limb from limb, like a fleece and squeak plastic slaughter all over my back yard.
Family- Canceled our Thanksgiving gathering at my sister's. We've been running like crazy, Mr. FixIt out of town a lot the last few months, and I don't really feel up to it. Mr. FixIt agreed we should stay home, relax and have a holiday to ourselves.
House- Somewhat scary at the moment. Have put off cleaning kitchen and vacuuming the house all morning/day, now T-minus 45 minutes to Monster Man's dance class. Crap.
Self- The elliptical laughed at me as I walked past it this morning. 'nuf said.

How many days until spring???


  1. I'm with ya girl, winter totally sucks. Even here in Georgia.

    And a nice relaxing Thanksgiving is what I wish we had planned! Lucky you...'s Thursday and since Mr. FixIt got home last night...I figured we wouldn't see a post by you today ;)

  2. "Elliptical laughed at me when I walked by this morning" SPEW! Hang in there kid, the invite to visit me is always open.

  3. Mr. FixIt arrived home before I could clean the kitchen but thankfully I'd made the kids to a speedy clean up while I vac'd the house the last 20 minutes before leaving for dance class. So I was a tad grouchy since he walking in on a kitchen disaster, but he WAS cleaning it up for ME when I walked in after dance. Ugh... love that he was trying to help, but pissed that I didn't have it done yet.

    LOL, Slick. You'd be amazed in what conditions I can post in...hehehehe.

    Mon- Spew is what the elliptical does to me...every time I swap laundry. Sounds something like, "you won't get on me, you-uu-uu su-uck!"


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