Friday, November 21, 2008

Isn't this nice? Ugh

Truthfully this was taken before Thanksgiving, but it looks the same out today. Snowing like crazy, cold as a pile of day-old dog crap and YUK! Gloomy. I hate gloomy. So I mixed up some of Grandma's molasses cookies today with the kids. We'll bake them after dinner. One of my fav cookies and it's not even chocolate. My uncle and I use to fight over them at Grandma's, since we LOVE them the most of everyone, really. They are just for US! :-D hehehe

I'm desperately trying to shake some of the wintery cruds and frustration. I've did have some success in Black Friday Christmas shopping in hopes that help. Getting 500 bucks worth of stuff at Kohl's for $180 and then getting 40 bucks back DID make me feel a touch better about the season! :-D Made me a little more cheery!

Ok, off to to some odds and ends around here, including work on a few more loads of Mt. Foldmore that has taken over my bed. If not I truly expect a "Maaaaaaaammaaaa!! I have ZERO underpants!!" from Monster Man at shower time this evening. Not underwear-- underpants. He loves that word. Go figure.

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