Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lookie here!

Yes, I'm slack and I haven't posted at all. Nablopomo??? HA! yeah, RIGHT! That didn't happen, LMAO!

Though I have uploaded some new pics, so here...enjoy.


  1. Great pics Ang!

    Well, except for the ones where your kids are wearing Ohio State sweatshirts!


  2. ROFL! Actually, I took that pic the day after they lost to Penn State. Mr. FixIt LOVES Penn State! Ha! I went to OU, and even though OSU and OU are not in the same league (THOUGH OU almost...I know horseshoes and hand grenades...almost beat Ohio State in pre-season) I'm not the biggest Buckeye fan because I went to OU though MOST of my family is so they keep us supplied in OSU gear.
    Hey, it could have been worse... they could have been wearing Michigan colors!!
    ---ducking and running!!! HEHEHE!!


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